About The Wedding Cookie Table

It’s About the Cookies!

The Pittsburgh Cookie Table Story

For many generations, the cookie table has been a staple at weddings throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. To many people who are not native to Pittsburgh, the idea of having a cookie table at a wedding may be baffling. However, “The Cookie Table” is a time honored tradition.

It is believed this tradition started during the Great Depression when many families could not afford a wedding cake, instead substituting homemade cookies. Traditionally the bride’s immediate family, including mother, grandmothers, aunt, cousins and closest friend spent the months before the wedding dutifully baking cookies from scratch.

Now the baking is done by both sides of the family with every cookie made with love in hope that the married couple will share in as many happy years as there are dozens of cookies at the wedding.

This tradition has long been practiced by the various cultures which have migrated to Pittsburgh over the decades, including the Italian, German, Irish, Slovak, and other Eastern European cultures. At the traditional Pittsburgh Cookie Table you will see Pizzelles from Italy, Shortbread cookies from Ireland, Lebkuchen from Germany, Dobosh Torte from Hungary, and Buckeyes and Lady Locks (Clothespin Cookies) from the USA just to name a few.

This tradition is important and continues on because it is a labor of love for the newly married couple.

Remember, in Pittsburgh, people don’t wonder, “How was the wedding?” They ask, “How were the cookies?”

Join in the Celebration

We are a community that gathers to maintain and carry forward the time-honored tradition of The Wedding Cookie Table. Many members are coming right now because they have upcoming weddings. We can help! We share tips and pointers.  You’ll find recipes in our files on our Facebook group.

We are a supportive community and we are happy you have found a baking and wedding cookie table home with us.